Your Life and Career: Difficult Questions for a Brighter Tomorrow (III)

Welcome back! You have spent a considerable amount of time thinking about what you really want to accomplish in your life. In this final part of the series, I want to bring it all together so you can use your new insight on your life and the lifestyle questions to guide your career path and other areas of your life.

I use lifestyle questions on a daily basis to guide my personal and professional life. When a new opportunity comes along, I ask myself if it will lead me toward my vision of the future. I keep the big picture of my present and future circumstances in mind as I make decisions, and it guides me toward maximum success.

If you use these questions in the same manner, you will start to see major changes in your life. You will start to think about that bigger picture rather than immediate gratification. Rather than doing what feels good in the moment, you will do what leads to meaningful success in the long term. As a result, you will feel more fulfilled and successful in the future.

Priorities from the Big Picture

Your big picture mentality will make it easier for you to set priorities in your life. For instance, I place my career underneath my family, and home in terms of priority. When I need to make decisions regarding how I spend my time, these priorities come into play. I also use those lifestyle questions to guide my decisions even further.

Now that you have spent time with the lifestyle questions and you have a greater idea of your big picture and vision for your future, think about your priorities. I reset my priorities continuously, so this is something you may think about daily. Nothing you decide here is set in stone, so consider it a fluid exercise constantly under construction.

Make It Blend

With my priorities in mind, I like to blend all the layers of my life. Remember we talked about those layers in part one of this series? We discussed how difficult it is to make decisions or envision your future when all of those factors come into play, but it works best if you allow them to blend together.

For example, my family is a top priority in my big picture thinking, so, if I have to sacrifice my family life for a highly profitable business negotiation, I won’t go through with the negotiation, unless I can somehow blend these layers of my life to my satisfaction. Simply put, when faced with such decisions, like the one I mentioned above, I find ways to fulfill such business obligations while spending time with my love ones. My family is higher priority, so that decision is easy to make.

I know people who routinely sacrifice their families in order to get ahead in business. Sadly, I have seen their lives crumble as a result of those poor life management decisions. This simply wouldn’t happen if they had focused on creating a desired lifestyle rather than just making money or getting ahead of the business game.

When you start blending all layers of your life together, you create a lifestyle that moves you toward the vision you hold for your future. Once this starts happening for you, revisit the question presented in the first part of this series. You will find that you are able to come up with more satisfying answers for your future once you are thinking in terms of your desired lifestyle.

The Journey is Long and Personal

Sincerely, this is a journey no one can take on your behalf. You have to figure out the meaning of life according to YOU. Forget about the expectations of others. Don’t just focus on which career paths or business opportunities can earn you the most money. Focus on what you want out of life and you will be far more successful in the future.

You may feel pressured to vocalize what you want out of life to please others, but don’t rush this process. You may sound unfocused or uncertain right now, but you will also sound curious, open-minded, self-guided and genuine. Eventually, you will have a more concrete answer that satisfies you as well as others, but for right now, focus on yourself and shut the distracting opinions of others out.

Your Everyday Assignment

I know that everything I advise here is difficult to follow through with because I am still actively working with these principles and exercises myself. These questions have changed my life in amazing ways, and I am confident that they can change your life as well.

If you feel overwhelmed at this point, reread the first part of this series and allow the question presented there to simmer in your mind for a few days or a week. Move on to the questions in part two and do the same thing. Spend more time with me and allow my journey to inspire you and see how your life changes.

This is your everyday assignment: keep these ideas in mind and see how the answers to the lifestyle questions come to you at odd times. Use those questions to make decisions every day so that they guide your future.

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